I’ve had the opportunity to live in different neighborhoods all over Fargo in my 11 years residing in the area. After renting apartments over the years, I now own a house as well as own a rental property. I was always a person who wanted to plant things. I started with indoor plants when I didn’t have my own outdoor space in my third-floor apartment without a balcony and moved on to potted plants when I had a place with an outdoor patio. Now I’m fortunate enough to have a house with a yard where I can plant my own food. I would love to be able to extend this fortune to my rental building and echo the fulfilled longing that I had to plant my own vegetables and flowers when I was renting.

I know gardening isn’t everyone’s thing, but the opportunity to try your hand at it shouldn’t be limited exclusively to homeowners. The potential to have your own garden for those who rent their home is just as important as it is for those who own theirs. Boulevard gardens offer that option. As a property owner, I would love to be able to structure a “community boulevard garden” for my tenants going forward, permanently. Please make urban agriculture a permanent consideration in development, planning and zoning in our city.

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