If the Black Lives Matter movement was never called Black Lives Matter and instead it was called All Lives Matter from the beginning would everyone that doesn’t like the name Black Lives Matter have been on board from the start?

I’m trying to see this objectively. I’m not taking into account the recent rioting and looting because I think most Americans can agree that violent protests with disregard for life and property are never acceptable and the vast majority of the protesters are peaceful.

I believe that if the BLM movement was initially started under the name All Lives Matter many of the same people who have an issue with the protests now would still have an issue regardless of the name.

If this movement had started and protesters were assembling initially holding signs and shouting “ALL Lives Matter," that would mean this group of people (many of whom are black) believes their lives matter less than another group of people (largely white Americans).

I guess my point being, regardless of the name of the movement, some people would still be upset because the implication of the movement is the same: A group of people believes they have valid reasons to think their concerns as American citizens are not being heard and for other reasons that upsets another group of Americans.

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In a nutshell; the American political experience at its finest.