For the life of me, I cannot understand the rationale of putting Mike McFeely’s opinion on the front page of The Forum, which, is, by the way, a North Dakota newspaper. Just about every article he writes about North Dakota is derisive and negative. His distaste for North Dakota politics, which is, by nature, conservative, is obvious and will never affect the political or economic atmosphere in the state. His chronic negativity, writing about the state is offensive, in my humble opinion, and does nothing for distribution of The Forum among North Dakota residents.

Today (Friday) he displays negativity about salaries and bonuses awarded to North Dakota State employees for retention purposes. As he may, or may not, remember, North Dakota had a nearly impossible time recruiting, or retaining employees, prior to the oil tax boom. Now that salaries and commensurate perks are available to those employees, is he exhibiting a shade of jealousy or continued distaste with the Burgum administration? Someone should remind him that his paycheck originates in North Dakota, and his salary is never displayed in public view, as government employees’ are.

Maybe McFeely should write about things that make him happy. Perhaps Minnesota fishing; Minnesota government activity; Minnesota professional sports; Minnesota governor’s offering $100 million for assistance, etc. Things of a Democratic nature.

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