Why the streets of downtown versus the city park to do their peaceful protesting? I think we know why. Let’s look at the advantages of marching and protesting in the city park versus downtown

  • There are no buildings and businesses to burn and destroy in the park, thus putting the rioters out of business and confined to downtown where they can be easily identified and cannot mingle with the peaceful protesters thus eliminating being detained by the police.
  • Social distancing. We have to assume these socially-conscious, peace-loving protesters are concerned about the risk posed by not socially distancing and with as much space as the park provides, certainly they would choose the park over the city streets. Being such peaceful protesters we must believe that keeping violence to a minimum is one of their goals and so keeping in line with the MLK way of protesting would be paramount.
  • And this is a big one. By protesting in the park, the desperate downtown businesses that have been damaged and burned and graffiti-ed would have a chance to recover. Surely these peaceful protesters would demand all protesting be done in the park. After all these businesses are their people, their livelihood.

OK, now let’s look at reasons they choose to take to the streets.

  • Violence sells. While these peaceful protesters don’t condone the burning and rock throwing and chaos caused by the rioters, they certainly welcome the media coverage it gives them. The rioters will mingle among them and when the cops move in the peaceful protesters know there’s a chance they’ll be detained until the authorities can separate the two. This is a great opportunity for the peaceful protesters to video tape the detainment and use it to their advantage and the liberal media will slant it and use it as a weapon. This doesn’t happen in the park.
  • By taking to the streets these peaceful protesters know in time the cops must respond. This is their objective because only then can they get the confrontation they’re looking for, and with the media behind them they can further their agenda. Don’t be fooled, if they were really interested in peaceful protesting they would gather at the park but no, they choose to use their own local downtown businesses and fellow hardworking citizens that have been so harmed as sacrificial lambs. No, they prefer the streets where the action is, much too peaceful in the park.

MLK would be shaking his head.