I realize Ross Nelson's commentary "Where is the systemic racism?" is assigned to the opinion section, but I feel his false assertions might be hurtful and potentially counterproductive for some individuals in our community. I will address two of his false submissions.

First, Nelson states that "the notion of system wide bias against minorities is disproven." This statement may fulfill Nelson's preferred narrative but it is patently false. There is a contemporaneous and overwhelming amount of research (easily accessible) that demonstrates and corroborates the existence of systemic (also known as structural or institutional) racism in the US. This research addresses racial inequities in education, health care, criminal justice, housing (red-lining), employment, politics, etc..

Second, Nelson acknowledges "economic racism" and follows that declaration with the qualifying conjunction "but" to describe the success of Asian American men and women. Whether intentional or not, his qualifying "but" implies that some minorities (he has generally referenced African American previously in his commentary) are unable or unwilling to achieve the standard set by Asian Americans. This misleading account fails to recognize that different minorities are not all treated equally. Asian American, African American, Native American, etc. all have different, unique biases assigned to them.

I find it ironic that Nelson answers his own introductory "Where is the systemic racism?" question in paragraph eight of his commentary: "Racism and bigotry are endemic to the human race." Endemic is defined as widespread or pervasive. Since humans (generally of the majority race) are making the rules and regulations for the systems (institutions) in the US, it would be naive to believe those laws are not racially biased, advancing systemic racism.

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