It is only a few weeks.

It is only to flatten the curve.

It is only a few small businesses.

It is only a little longer.

It is only a mask.

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It is only a vaccine.

It is only a chip so we know you are safe to be around.

Anyone else see the slippery slope we are on?

Where does this end??

We are now over five months into this "PANdemIC" and all of a sudden we are being told we have to wear a mask, but not for a few days until the decree goes into effect. Is this about a virus or is this about symbolism and feelings to " show respect and kindness to others in public settings, and act as a reminder to maintain social distancing" while "offer[ing] the wearer SOME (little if any) protection" (emphasis added by me)? Surely we can stand in line to vote.

I also wonder when the govenors were given the power to make such declarations? Is it even enforceable?

If masks work, why the need to shut down again?

If masks work, why the push for mail-in voting? We can go to the big corporations (you know the ones, railed against by our "leaders" as running our country) to keep them afloat while insisting mom and pop shops, who don't have the billions of the Waltons or the likes, are shuttered causing more "middle class" misery.


I have not seen these questions asked nor answered, but I think it is time all Americans wake up and see how slowly we are losing our freedoms and liberties, one crisis at a time. We are on a slippery slope and gaining speed on the way to the bottom.

When do we as citizens stand up to this craziness and hold those that "Work For Us" accountable for the Pain they are inflicting upon us... from the lock down to now the mask?

We have an election coming up on Nov. 3rd. I urge everyone to get out and vote. This isn't about Republicans versus Democrats. This is about right and wrong, good versus evil. It is up to us as Americans to do our duty and show up at the polls, mask and all if needed.