School administrators, staff and boards are working hard all across North Dakota trying to plan a safe, affordable and workable plan for reopening our schools. This would be a great achievement if successful.

I wonder if the biggest threat to these plans is the North Dakota High School Activities Association. I really think they should reconsider holding inter-campus competition. They need to lead on this as they did last spring. Districts going separate ways will not stop the virus.

Do we expect to load up 20 to 30 students several times a week, haul them in different directions to other schools, let them compete for a couple of hours, then bring them home to their student population without greatly increasing transmission? Remember the other schools will be doing the same. In three weeks most of the state student population will be connected.

Education should be the priority, not sports. What about the right to a safe education for the students who are not in sports? How about the faculty and ancillary staff?

I love high school sports, but what is more important?

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Let's keep our eye on the ball. Education.