I don’t like mandates, I don’t like stay at home orders, I don’t like social distancing, it all smacks of an authoritarian government in a free country.

I will not argue that COVID-19 is an excuse for them to issue these authoritative orders, I simply suggest that this is the way these things manifest themselves into our lives. I am a senior and I have underlying conditions. Should I get COVID, it will likely kill me, so…

I voluntarily sacrifice some of my freedom, short term, to help protect myself and others, but mostly in the effort to control this virus. Controlling this virus also controls what this, or any future government, can legitimately authorize. Put simply, no virus, no mandates.

I am a Freedom Fighter sacrificing now to help preserve that freedom in the future. It is not the dangerous calling that took Americans to wars in the past, but it is as serious. We can all be Freedom Fighters for our country or we can allow ourselves to cut our noses off to spite our faces.

Your call.