I saw that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has been removing sorting machines. What is the rationale for that? I want to know why you are willing to let the United States of America go from one of the most respected countries to a banana republic with the president completely ignoring the Constitution and rule of law.

Attorney General Bill Barr is a disgrace and not even pretending to be a defender of rule of law, but rather the personal attorney for Donald J. Trump. Where is our Congress on this?

Trump has done everything possible to make the U.S. look sick and unreliable, and his response to the virus is despicable. Yet senators look the other way and even support his disregard for laws.

Why are you not working to help so many people who are losing their homes, states that desperately need help to keep their services running, and all of the other critical decisions that you are just not making? Please do your job, pass the Heroes Act and provide this much needed help before we see a complete breakdown for so many people in this country.


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Congress must act and not stand idly by at this point. You are willing to let the U.S. be the laughing stock of the world. I want to know why you feel threatened by the people who voted you to your office and not allowing everyone full access their ability to vote.

Trump betrayed his oath when he said that by providing full voting access he will lose. Shameful....

Lovold lives in Bismarck.