This Labor Day, two of our country's major labor unions have little to celebrate. Both the United Auto Workers and the United Food and Commercial Workers have seen their membership numbers drop dramatically in recent years. It's not hard to see why. The UAW has been entrenched in a federal investigation that found 10 union officials guilty of scheming to embezzle hundreds of thousands of members’ dues dollars. Now, a decade-long government takeover of the UAW is on the table.

Meanwhile, the UFCW has spent millions on travel, including $11 million on airline flights, and another $19 million on hotels and events over the last five years. That’s in addition to the over $200 million it paid to union officials and staff members. What did workers get out of all this? A union that's had over 2,000 unfair labor practices filed against it.

When it comes to paying union dues, union members are getting little bang for their buck.

Bozzello is communications director of the Center for Union Facts in Washington, D.C.

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