I really don’t know how to react when the president of the United States says my family is a family of "losers" and "suckers" because we chose to serve our country. These comments have been confirmed by numerous sources – including Fox News. It also fits the president’s history of comments about soldiers, veterans and war.

My husband and our three children have almost 100 years of combined service in various branches of the Armed Forces. Our families have served in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea and World War II. When we visit Gettysburg, we think of our ancestors who served in that battle.

My family chose to serve because we believe in what this country stands for. We believe the ideas and beliefs captured in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth protecting and preserving.

My family has followed commanding officers’ orders, yet we understand that blind loyalty to an immoral leader who assaults our decency, our morals and our character is un-American, and contrary to what the founders of this nation desired of us.

For generations, my family has known the meaning of service and sacrifice. It’s so unfortunate our president understands neither.