Let's shelf for a moment China's mishandling of the COVID-l9 pandemic that crippled the world economy and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and misery. Let's take a look at China's other bad behavior...praised by some Americans. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California called China a "respectable" nation. Presidential candidate Joe Biden, said a "strong" China is good for America. And when the Chinese communist government was shutting down freedom-seeking people in Hong Kong, billionaire LeBron James of the L.A. Lakers, chastised those who dared criticize the communist Chinese government for its handling of the protests in Hong Kong, saying there is "two sides to this story."

These Chinese enablers in America have little to say about the Muslim Uyghurs in Western China who are forced into concentration camps. They ignore China's extreme bullying of her neighbors in the South China Sea, and how China's thousands of fishing boats are invading fishing areas of countries around the world. They say nothing about China's lack of free speech where people who disagree with the communist line of politics and are jailed or murdered.

Biden and James have financial interests: Biden's son Hunter has made and is still making billions for his company in return for using his father's name as influence with the Chinese communist government. James is making anywhere from $30 to 40 million a year in China by supporting Chinese propaganda in its treatment of anti-government protesters. I don't know what Feinstein's financial benefits are. She's probably just towing the liberal line in dealing with communists.

There is no doubt that China is aiming to rule the world, militarily, politically and financially. And people like Biden, Feinstein and James...to name a few...are helping a ruthless Chinese government to attain that goal.

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