I read with interest the report by Forum reporter Adam Willis on wind energy. When I was director of Catholic Services, I brought together a group of churches of different denominations to form a co-op owned by the churches. We were soon overwhelmed by rules and regulations. We had hoped to model the value of wind energy to the community. The years have passed and wind energy was stopped by the coal industry.

I hope the effort with Invenergy moves faster than they are now proposing. Get those permits now. The taxpayers are entitled to reductions in heating and electricity bills sooner than sometime in 2024.

Cass County commissioners must help to remove obstacles to ensure cleaner air and tax relief. Why isn't Invenergy seeking permits now?

Let's demand they move faster. Why can't we use the expertise in North Dakota to get this going? I for one am tired of waiting when I know my taxes could be reduced with the richest resources we have, wind.

To not proceed is a moral issue.