Stimulus payments during the pandemic are a bit misguided. Those able to keep our jobs really did not need that money. I suppose young families may have had extra expenses because their children were home. But those of us that had our income did not and do not need the stimulus payments.

Sure, it was nice having the extra money but not necessary. Especially when our country is going into debt to give it to us. Does debt and deficit mean nothing to either party? Payments should be targeted to those who have lost jobs or were living in poverty already, people that had needs that were not being met. Unfortunately, there are many.

The extra for unemployed was a good thing. The Payroll Program was certainly great to keep some folks employed. The schools providing meals for children even though they were home is understandable. I am sure there are needs in health care that were not met. And, even now, the travel industry is still struggling.

So, why would I get a stimulus check? To donate or invest in the stock market? Aha, maybe that's why the market is doing so well?

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