Regarding Fargo‘s renaming of the Woodrow Wilson high school:

Malcom X said, “White Liberals are the most dangerous thing in the entire western hemisphere. They are the worse thing for America, and the worse thing for Black America.”

This week the Fargo School Board demonstrated exactly why Malcom X held the white liberal left in such contempt. The white liberals in Fargo are patting themselves on the back because they’re dropping the name of Woodrow Wilson from the high school. I can just imagine them throwing a virtue signal party where they’ll invite all of the little Black people they’ve “helped” by changing the name of the building.

Here's a suggestion: How about doing something that actually helps minority children? How about teach them the structure and discipline they need to succeed in an ordered, civil society? How about making sure they can read by the time they graduate (if they graduate)? Or teach them arithmetic? Why not tackle that little problem?

Because that would be too much like actual work.

And then there's the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the inclination towards criminality of Black males! This is a direct result of the white liberal's welfare system that guts families and creates generations of fatherless children. Shhhh! We’re not supposed to talk about that, are we?

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Why don’t these white liberals stop treating Black folks like infantile two-year-olds who can't function in society because of the name on a school building?

Because it’s not about the name. It never has been. But the virtue signaling white Nordic liberals don't care. They've struck a blow for “social justice”!


Take a bow. Do the easy thing to assuage your white guilt. Stick your head in the sand and ignore what it takes to actually make a measurable difference for the African-American community. In other words, keep being the bigots that you are. Keep shellacking a thin veneer of virtue signaling garbage when faced with actual issues plaguing the Black community.

Here are some more insightful words from Malcom X:

“The worst enemy that the Negro has is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked, or deceived by the white liberal then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.”

Here's an idea: Why not rename the Woodrow Wilson high school the Malcolm X high school?

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