Roxane Salonen’s Oct. 19th letter, "The ghost of Karl Marx, Communism hovers," was a trip down memory lane. It had all the histrionics, gossip, and McCarthyist fables I heard about Marx when I first read the "Communist Manifesto" in 1966.

Marx, though, would not have used her term “ghost” (Geist), but the more florid “specter” (Gespenst). Also the huge scary body count attributed to Marx back then was 66 million. Now we find he has returned from the grave and killed 34 million more in the past 54 years.

But what is seriously concerning about Ms. Salonen’s attack on Marx, is its veiled attack on the Roman Catholic Church’s greatest living theologian, philosopher, and Peruvian Dominican priest, Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez. Fr. Gutiérrez is the leading founder and exponent of Liberation Theology. Fr. Gutiérrez very consciously uses Marx’s class analysis and critique of capitalism in his use of this humanistic and progressive theology. He has been under sustained attack for decades by outmoded elements within the church, Ms. Salonen’s letter is but a veiled salvo in this struggle.

Fr. Gutiérrez has survived all this and is still a priest. He currently holds the John Cardinal O'Hara Professorship of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.

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