Impotent: There is no other word to accurately describe the leadership in North Dakota.

Our impotent governor.

Our impotent mayors.

Our impotent legislators.

Definition of impotent: unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.

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Despite facts, evidence and data that undeniably supports masks mandates, with consequences, to curb deaths and the spread of the virus, the leadership in our state are satisfied with being impotent.

My family is suffering with the virus. My son, vigilant about precautions against the virus, works at a hospital performing tests on cardiac patients with COVID. He has the virus. Another son, his wife and child, are in quarantine with the virus. They likely caught it at school where no masks or precautions were taken seriously.

This is personal to me. It’s personal to everyone who’s suffered from the virus. And it’s heartbreaking to over 450 North Dakota families who have lost their loved ones.

We are on our own North Dakota.

Our leaders are impotent.

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