Libertarians are often viewed as a “fringe” faction of the political spectrum. I would submit, however, that the policies of the Libertarian actually display a far more centrist platform than what’s being offered elsewhere.

The mainstream parties have become dominated by their extremities. For instance, almost everyone can agree that there are systematic issues with the criminal justice system, but only the polemic loudmouths receive any attention. The Left cries Black Lives Matter and to defund the police and the Right shouts back Blue Lives Matter and seeks to justify an ever-increasing police-state. The Libertarian, on the other hand, presents a well-founded argument to abolish the drug war; a war that has wreaked havoc on the Black community and greatly damaged the perception of community first responders. No matter which end of the political spectrum you inhabit, we could all agree that this particular Libertarian policy would benefit all parties affected by it, minus the cartels and private prisons.

And what of the Afghan war? Corporate bailouts? LGBT rights? While those entrenched in politics always side with their fan base, the Libertarian has always taken a principled approach to these matters. Our sons are dying in the same war that claimed our fathers. Mega-corporations are being represented in government at the expense of the middle-class taxpayer. Whether straight, gay, or any combination of the various possibilities, the Libertarian has never sought to deny your way of life nor force others to submit to it.

For the majority, those that occupy the center, maybe it’s time to reconsider your vote this year. When faced with extremes, the healthiest solution is usually a compromising middle-ground.

Cook lives in Fargo.

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