It's reported that Rep. Becker, R-Bismarck, is upset with Gov. Burgum's new COVID-19 restrictions requiring the use of masks in public places, etc. He, of course, will refuse to obey the law, encourage others to ignore it and calls it "draconian."

It is beyond belief that a physician would fail to recognize and accept the many laws that have for good reason protected public health for centuries.

Does he not remember that restaurants are inspected and legally licensed to prevent diseases less serious than COVID? Is he aware that medical providers are legally required to report diseases like gonorrhea to the state health department, which will result in a rather delicate interview in a few days from a state STD contact worker? Does he understand and support laws prohibiting spitting in public places? Laws even prohibit ranchers from selling cattle across state lines without proof of vaccination. How can this be?

Our freedoms have been trampled upon for decades and yet Becker is outraged at the thought of being required to wear a mask (which let's hope he does while engaged in surgery). It's perhaps too much to expect a plastic surgeon to understand or support the public health concept of a community doing things to assist and protect others, especially if one owns a couple bars (conflict of interest?); but his comments are incredible.

Dr. Best lives in Watford City, N.D.

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