When the pandemic hit, many members of my senior golf tour no doubt wondered if they would be able to play in the coming summer. The future was uncertain. However, tour leaders, in coordination with area golf courses, crafted a plan which allowed play with half as many golfers participating in each event. With changes aimed at protecting player health, it worked. By the end of the summer, further adaptations allowed a full complement of golfers to play, and a near return to normal.

The elements of this success: strong leadership, specific plans, and, above all else, cooperation from everyone involved.

On the other hand, in the larger society, over a similar period of time, the pattern was almost the opposite. Poor leadership, a disjointed 50 state “plan” and the refusal of many to fully cooperate resulted in a dramatic growth of infections and deaths which are increasingly overwhelming hospitals, destroying businesses, closing schools, and forever altering millions of lives.

Going forward, better leadership and a disciplined response from every person is required to stop the viral spread. A vaccine is in the future, behavioral changes are needed now.

Jacobs lives in Moorhead