As a microbiologist and citizen of the state of North Dakota, I express my approval of the mask mandates by Mayor Mahoney and Gov. Burgum. COVID is out of control in our state and we are the COVID capital of the world, which is not a title I would have wanted for the state I love.

Masks don’t solve all problems, but they are one means to mitigate the spread of the virus. Dependent on the mask, they will even do that in both directions. In that sense, they protect the individual, as well as society.

Masks don’t come with near the symptoms of COVID nor the side effects of the drugs against COVID; they are certainly more comfortable than ventilators.

Most importantly, I am having a problem with sacrificing our complete health care system together with the wellbeing of our much-valued health care workers to feelings for ‘freedom’ by a portion of our population. I understand the need to make one’s own choices, I enjoy doing that, too. But as a society, we are dependent on each other’s choices as well. Let’s all together make good choices, the true enemy is the virus.

Pruess lives in Fargo.

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