When I was young, I believed adults had everything figured out. When I became an adult, I questioned that earlier belief. Now that I’m older, I’m positive adults are doing the best they can under trying circumstances.

But some aren’t trying to do the best they can. Some aren’t even trying – at all.

We’ve got leaders who have left their posts, abandoned their responsibilities to serve their constituents’ needs. It starts at the top and extends down into the ranks of federal, state, county and municipal elected representatives.


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It’s been said that we get the leaders we deserve. We deserve better.

It’s also been said that our leaders are a mirror of ourselves. That they are a reflection of us. Our mirror is dirty. It’s a poor reflection of us… on us. It’s way beyond cleaning.

We need a new mirror. We bought one on Nov. 3. It doesn’t arrive until Jan. 20, 2021. Let’s hope it arrives intact and begins to reflect our better selves.

Olson lives in Fargo.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.