The House of Representatives passed a COVID relief bill in May. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., sat on it until the end of 2020. Trump had Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin negotiate with Congress.

A COVID relief bill was sent to President Trump along with the federal budget, which was only slightly changed from what Trump had proposed. Trump decried the budget he himself sent to Congress as the work of “the deep state.” Trump went to Florida to golf without signing the budget bill or COVID relief bill. He seemed to indicate that he wasn’t going to sign either.

Millions of our fellow citizens waited in long lines at food banks. Many spent their Christmas worried that their unemployment benefits weren’t going to be extended. They worried that the eviction moratorium would expire so they would be homeless. Meanwhile, Trump golfed, Vice President Mike Pence skied, and Mnuchin vacationed in Mexico. Unbelievable cruelty, reminiscent of the fabled line “let them eat cake.”

After this weekend, I was surprised to see fellow readers pen a letter still publicly acknowledging their support of Trump. In a ray of hope, they seem to recognize that Trump voters need mental health care. “The Forum will provide recovery and better mental health care…for the over 50% of your readers who voted for Trump.” Trumpism is cult and his supporters need help deprogramming. Signs of a cult include:

  • The leader is the ultimate authority. Trump supporters believe only him. They deny he has said things even in the face of video evidence.
  • People who contradict the group are viewed as persecutors and are labeled “anti.” Trump does this to Democrats and Republicans who oppose him.
  • Former members are dismissed as bitter and are persecuted by the leader. - i.e. Michael Cohen
  • The cult is paranoid and label non-believers as evil. What an unknown person(s), QANON, says is believed no matter how crazy, i.e. Wayfair selling children.
  • The group is elitist. The leader has all the answers, overriding even science. The severity of COVID is downplayed and the advice of medical doctors is dismissed.
  • No financial transparency. Leader lives opulently while you starve. Trump avoids paying his share of income taxes while millions of Americans are waiting in line for hours to receive food and wonder if they will continue receive unemployment benefits.
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Most Trump supporters seem unwilling to acknowledge his loss and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump continues to hold rallies so he can get attention. This is not normal. I have lived through 11 presidential administrations and didn’t see any of the previous 10 presidents heralded as a messiah. A Trump rally reminds me of a Justin Bieber concert but with adults.

Democrats and a lot of Republicans worked to rid the Oval Office of Trump. We didn’t attempt to rid the world of anyone. This anti Trump person is not going to give Trump a second thought after 12:00 P.M. eastern time on January 21, 2021. He’s not worth the effort.

Colleen Whalen lives in Fargo.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.