In response to the letter about the West Fargo City Commission continuing to disappoint by Darrell Vanyo:

First of all, sweet mustache, bro!

I don’t understand how people in their 70s feel the need to tell their community how to live and to make an assessment on how their community feels. I love the idea of sending out gift cards to use in our community. What a great and intuitive idea.


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I am a West Fargo resident. I am 40 years old and I have three children under the age of 10. My wife and I spend most nights at the Rustad Rec Center at games or practices.

I don’t know if you noticed, but this community is made up of many young families like mine. The fact that you predicted what 75% of the community wants, that is absurd! Who are the people you talk to? The cast of "Ma and Pa Kettle"?

I understand when you’re older you have time to watch city commission meetings. You probably record them, dissect them and obviously you know better. You have that “everyone is an idiot” mentality that we admire and respect so much.

The thought of seeing local businesses, especially local restaurants, filled with locals spending more than just the $25 gift card is a wonderful thought.

Mr. Vanyo, in all sincerity, this is a community of young families now. West Fargo is a great community, a community prospering on new ideas, that isn’t afraid to take chances. Don’t try and tell us how to live. Your time is over. this is our time.

My suggestion for you is to enjoy your retirement. Dude, move to Arizona already.

Happy Holidays, bro!

Nicholas C. Daley lives in West Fargo.

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