If anyone had any doubt about the moral disintegration of the Republican Party over the past 30-or-so years, these last two months should have ended such speculation.

Between the complete and total loss of 59 legal challenges to the 2020 election results, to Trumplethinskin’s recent Hitler-like attempt to browbeat and cudgel Secretary of State Raffensperger of Georgia into overturning the state’s (three-times) certified win for Biden, to the to House Republicans gathering en-mass to object to doing their constitutional duty to certify Biden’s win, to Senate Republicans doing likewise to posture themselves as leading presidential contenders for 2024, to the Proud Boys/Qanon/etc. folks talking in open fashion about how to bring firearms to Washington DC rallies—with some of those same crazies advocating for the storming of government buildings to summarily execute anyone not in favor of Der Gropemfuhrer—there can be no uncertainties as to the the GOP’s complete and total descent into madness.

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt—he who worked on the presidential campaign of John McCain, but left the Republican Party in June of 2018—tweeted on Jan. 3rd that this moral madness will lead to a civil war among Republicans beginning Jan. 6th when Congress meets to certify the 2020 elections. He further predicts the autocratic/dictatorial segment of the Republican Party will win this civil war, and that even if the party name survives the split—unlike the Whig Party which Republicans replaced—it will no longer be the party many of us were born into and grew up with.

At the risk of of possible over-dramatization, here are the direct ending words of Schmidt's tweet:

“The autocratic side will roll over the pro-democracy remnant of the GOP like the Wehrmacht did the Belgian Army in 1940. The '22 GOP primary season will be a blood letting. The 6th will be a loyalty test. The purge will follow.

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"The poisonous fruit from four years of collaboration and complicity with Trumps insanity, illiberalism and incompetence are ready for harvest. It will kill the GOP because its Pro Democracy faction and Autocratic factions can no more exist together then [sic] could the Whig Party hold together the abolitionist with the Slave master. It won't happen over night but the destination is clear. The Conservative party in America is dead. It may continue to bear the name "Republican" but it will be no such thing.

"Fascism has indeed come to America and as was once predicted it is wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. This movement must be defeated. It cannot be appeased, accommodated or negotiated with. It must be recognized for what it is and we must all recognize the new age of American politics it has wrought. There are only two sides in American politics now. There is the American side and the Autocratic side. May God help us all if we falter, flag or fail in defense of American democracy."

Stash Hempeck lives in Hendrum, Minn.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.