President Trump does not care about us. He cares about power and money; he does not care about "We the People." January 6th, at a rally outside of the White House, the president urged his supporters to walk to the Capitol. He repeatedly said “We” will walk there and that he would be there with them. He lied. He wasn’t there.

As insurrectionists broke windows and barricades to storm into the Capitol building, the president was in the White House. Not with his supporters that he says he loves. He. Lied. Again. And now four people are dead. Control of the House, Senate and White House flip back and forth between Republicans and Democrats all the time. How was this one rigged?

How can the election have been stolen when the ballots that elected Joe Biden were the same ballots that let Republicans gain seats in the House and perform better in most Senate races than many polls predicted? How can the election have been rigged when many of the “disputed states” that Biden won have Republican majority state legislatures, or Republican governors, or secretaries of state? Answer: they weren’t. Some states already did recounts to make sure the numbers were right. Georgia recounted their results twice and those results still declared Biden the winner. Many legal challenges were brought to the courts and even Trump-appointed judges rejected those challenges based on the lack of evidence provided by the President’s legal teams.

I don’t know if Trump actually expected either his allies in Congress or his marching supporters to change the reality that Biden was elected as our next president. But one thing is clear, true to form, he lied again when he said he would join his supporters and march to the Capitol. It’s either that or his bone spurs were acting up again.

Isak Johnson lives in Fargo.

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