Dear Rep. Fischbach,

I write to register my disagreement and disgust with your votes Wednesday evening to throw out the electoral votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania, and your support of invalid fraud allegations in the November election.

As a professor of history I train students in critical analysis and evaluation of evidence. That you, our elected representative, would disregard all evidence in favor of un-verified and nonsensical conspiracy theories is a disgrace. It is a further tragedy that your actions and those of your 146 allies in the House, along with eight senators, have now caused five deaths and the desecration of a sacred symbol of democracy.

Congress is supposed to be held to a higher standard, and you have failed to uphold it. I would humbly ask that you either publicly apologize for your actions to your constituents and the nation or resign your seat, as you have proven by your actions that you are unfit for office.

Don Johnson lives in Moorhead.

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