A friend posted, and then took down, a denunciation of the Trump terrorists who vandalized the Capitol in Washington, and a rebuke of Republican politicians who enabled them. She took down her post because she feared retaliation. This is what I told her: You don't have to put yourself at risk from hooligans because you called out GOP lawmakers who broke their vow to protect and defend the Constitution. I'll do that for you. The politicians are lying liars who sided with Trump when he attempted a coup; if they had a stitch of integrity, they’d resign.

Biden received 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3% of votes cast, the first U.S. presidential candidate with more than 80 million votes. Trump had 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8% of the votes, more than any other candidate except Biden. The final tally in the Electoral College was 306 for Biden to 232 for Trump, which is the reverse of the margin Donald Trump won by in 2016. He called that a “massive landslide victory.”

So Biden won a massive landslide victory in a free and fair election.

The treasonous insurrection on Wednesday revealed that Trump and his many Congressional enablers refuse to accept that democracy means winner sand losers. Trump is a loser.

Actually, for a politician, there's nothing shameful about that. It happens. It's democracy. What's shameful is not admitting it after votes, recounts, audits and court cases. Instead, Trump riled up thousands of saps in red clown caps whose minds had already been poisoned by absurd conspiracy theories. He deliberately incited a mob to breach the Capitol, which is, by definition, treason.

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He wanted to create chaos in hopes that Congress would be so discombobulated that they would postpone the formal acknowledgment of Biden as president-elect. If that had happened, he would still be trying to overturn a free and fair election by disenfranchising tens of millions of voters.


When my friend spoke up in her post, she was speaking, in part, for all of us, including millions of Trump voters who now understand that more than 150 Republicans in Congress broke their vow to uphold the Constitution when they objected to a free, fair election. We saw Trump’s lunatic fringe riot in Washington, but many mainstream Trump voters are as horrified and appalled by the attempted coup as my friend is. They will never vote for him or his ilk again.

Every Republican in Congress who sided with Trump’s traitorous behavior should resign. Trump and Trumpism have been discredited. The insurrection revealed how far a despot will go to keep power. It’s now the Constitutional duty of each of us to keep Trump and every politician like him out of power.

Alan Davis lives in Moorhead.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.