Well. It is now official. After four-plus years and 16,000+ lies, with only 11 days to go, The Forum’s management and editorial board, on Saturday, January 9th, made an “official” declaration that Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants had at long-last crossed a line in the sand, and thus need to go into the dust-bin of history.

And all it took for The Forum to make that decision was the action on January 6th of, as their editorial said, an “unhinged mob that stormed the United States Capitol . . . ransacking offices and pilfering art . . . [in] a shameful and preventable assault on democracy . . . [and so now] this complicity—this madness—must stop . . . for the good of the country.”

While such a stance should be welcomed by everyone who believes in mom, apple pie, and the American way, one cannot help but wonder: where have management and the editorial board been over the course of the past four-plus years, relative to all those lies issued issued by Der Gropemfuhrer, which were then consumed and propagated by the faithful of the Church of the Dear Leader? Lies which led to the actions of January 6th?

For my part, I would argue that The Forum’s “official” stance is much like when Walter Cronkite came out against the Vietnam War on national TV. While it is most welcome, it is also too little, and too late.

Stash Hempeck lives in Hendrum, Minn.