At this point, the ND GOP has come out against the donations given to a man "accused" of vandalizing Sen. Hoeven's door at his Fargo office. Where innocent until proven guilty applies, a man has a right to vigorous defense. I don't know if Sparks is innocent or guilty, I wasn't there that day.

What we haven't heard is any word condemning the activities of Wednesday, Jan. 6. I am not saying the actions were spurned by President Trump, his son, or his attorney. I am also not saying that they weren't.

There is little doubt that our Capitol and the very liberty that we all depend on and love was under attack.

Why the silence?

The Dem NPL has come out condemning the attack on our democracy.

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All we have seen is an attack on the leadership of the Dem NPL who spent their own money donating to a legal defense fund. A defense fund for a man who has a family at home who also need support.

Kudos to Ms. Oversen, (not Overson as the ND GOP keeps saying) Ms. Shockley and countless others who have stood by this man and his family.

Carl Young lives in Bismarck.

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