I denounce vehemently the radical protesters that attacked our nation's Capitol just the same as all Republicans universally did. I say anyone who is carrying a weapon and injures or threatens to injure anyone who is protecting property that belongs to the citizens of this country should be shot on the spot. This goes for any protesters no matter their cause or race.

I don't remember any Democrat, newspaper or Democratic writer to the newspapers, vehemently, I repeat vehemently, denouncing the other protests that attacked the property of our nation's citizens. Is it because they are afraid of losing votes or think it is OK?


If the above is correct then I claim all of the above are A. H. Democrats, that is absolutely horrible Democrats, that are taking their party away from what it used to be and making it a party to evil.

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Further evidence of this is, they won't ban partial birth abortions, they falsely made up stories of Trump to the FISA Court of colluding with the Russians and tried for four years to overturn the election of Donald Trump, they back sanctuary cities harboring criminals, won't do what is necessary to stop illegal immigrants even after Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama made statements about how harmful illegal immigration is to our country, more apt to blame the police than criminals.

It was evil for Harry Reid to purposely lie about Romney not paying any income taxes and then say in an interview he didn't get elected did he.

Would the Democrats give a pass to a Republican if he wrote a letter saying I shall never fight with a negro by my side. Rather I should die than see Old Glory trampled and our country become degraded by race mongrels. This is an excerpt from a letter Robert Byrd wrote. If you don't believe, me do a Google search.

Obama exchanged five Taliban prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl who went AWOL and six soldiers lost their lives trying to save him. Bergdahl was convicted of desertion. Obama also commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence of espionage that put soldiers lives at risk.


Writers and Democratic leaders have been fueling the flames of the BLM unpatriotic protest mobs that took over court houses, burned police stations and injured our police officers and burned and looted countless businesses. They kept saying it was okay to do this to achieve their objective. Are you listening, Lloyd Omdahl?

They are hypocrites for not condemning these and then rightfully condemning the idiot lawbreakers that stormed the Capitol.

Democratic members of Congress and writers in The Forum are traitors to the Constitution and are suffering from "moronavirus," Jim Shaw`s words. They need a vaccine to prevent them from violating their oaths to the Constitution.

I literally went to the polls in 2016 with a clothespin on my nose and voted for Trump and again now because of the things he has accomplished. Yes, Trump's A.H. statements were evil the same as some of mine and other Republicans.

I take offense to writers, especially a couple of women who try to denigrate anyone who voted for Trump. They sound so righteous I will nominate them for sainthood.

Darlan Fatland lives in Walcott, N.D.