On January 22, 2021, our country will record 48 years of legalized abortion. More than 61 million preborn children have lost their lives since this decision became law in 1973. Liveaction.org estimates over 2,300 preborn children in America die each day. The March for Life draws thousands of Americans to pray for an end to this tragedy. This year the March for Life rally will be held virtually on Jan. 29 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Life is a fundamental right. The unalienable right to life (the actual word) is written in the U.S. Constitution; whereas a "right" to an abortion isn't a right at all. Politicians say we have a right to free education and health care and even to breathe clean air, but our very lives are conditional. If life itself is not protected or guaranteed, then why bother with education, health care or clean air? Life is worth protecting.

In 1973 the Supreme Court used an imaginary right to privacy to rule that abortion is a “reproductive right.” The court failed to recognize the other ‘person’ in this case. There are two defendants in Roe V. Wade – the mother and the child. That unborn child has everything he/she needs to grow with its own DNA, blood type, and its own personality. The child in the womb is in the environment where God intended that child to be. We all need an environment to breathe oxygen, drink water and live. Does the womb make the child any less human?

There are those who are personally opposed to abortion but don’t want to impose their beliefs on others. In my opinion this ‘belief’ is a convenient way to absolve their conscience of any guilt. There really is no middle ground; you are either for abortion or against it.

With that in mind, I would like to appeal to those who say they are pro-choice. They have been told, and therefore believe, that a woman has a constitutional “right to choose.” Unborn children (half are developing women) don’t get to choose. A child’s existence should not be marginalized by someone who wrongly believes they have a right to make a “choice” to end their life. God alone has the authority to give and take life. The seven black-robed men on the Supreme Court who ruled on abortion rights violated the Constitution and God’s authority. Our conscience clearly tells us; they are children, not choices.

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When God creates a new human being, he creates a body and a soul. Liberal politicians talk about the “healing the soul of America.” If we really wanted to heal the soul of America, shouldn’t we begin by respecting the souls of the unborn?

Abortion is like the COVID-19 virus that has infected our nation. But unlike COVID-19, this virus is much more deadly as it kills all its victims. It is like a cancer at the core of American society. It destroys the family. Abortion has been called by some, “the government-sanctioned atrocity of our time.” It is the leading cause of death in America. We should all be proclaiming, “Baby lives matter!”

The March for Life is needed to bring the absolute truth of abortion to our national attention; and with God’s help we can end the senseless killing of innocent preborn children – a modern day Holocaust. Let us heed the wisdom of Mother Teresa who said, “Life is too precious, do not destroy it.” I am hoping this year’s March for Life will open blind eyes and change hearts so justice will reign over all Americans, born and unborn. And that all life is a sacred and precious gift from God – and definitely worth protecting.

Ken Sims lives in Moorhead.

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