I write today to thank you for the years of public service to the citizens of North Dakota. The events of the past year have been very traumatic. Your support to uphold the election results was positive leadership and I believe led the junior North Dakota senator to do likewise.

The media coverage of events of the past several months has caused me to be very attentive to all that has gone on. The raucous insurrection actions on Jan. 6, 2021, will be on our minds for the remainder of our lifetimes.

The peaceful transition of power following elections has always been a hallmark of our government. To witness the mob violence created and incited by the former president of our great nation, gave all of us cause to wonder what is our future?

The rapid actions of impeachment were needed and warranted. The constitutional duty prescribed for the U.S. Senate to be jurors of impeachment is a somber responsibility. Words cannot express my disappointment in your vote to acquit former President Trump.

Following the results viewed in real time I was astonished by the defense counsel gloatingly stating his tactic was to define three or four issues for a minority of senators to find reason to acquit. All these points were on the process and did not address the facts of the situation that led to the articles of impeachment. This tactic was to deny the evidence of proof and overlook the actions of the mob violence, that I, expect should be indelible in your and every senator’s mind. Equally to me is your action (while still in the majority) to refuse to take up the impeachment articles. Then, come back and use the excuse that impeachment of a president already out of office is unconstitutional.

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At all times I have always respected opposing views. During this past election the American people voiced their view, and voted for change. Allowing Trump to ignore facts, dismiss our institutions and free election process, gives permission to mob to form again.

Because of your vote to acquit, it now seems clear democratic actions at the ballot box is not our future—what a shame.

Alan Bergman lives in Jud, N.D.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.