The Trump cult is the cocaine that fuels the Republican Party. The addiction of Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer recently showed the power of that addiction. It is too easy to get a false high sucking in the easily fooled. We do not allow people to drive and drink. The danger of impaired thought induced by alcohol is well-known. The same phenomenon applies to senators voting while addicted to the easy recruitment of the Trump cult.

Anyone can appease the Trump cult by simply saying the right phrases which include gun talk, socialism fear, abortion and religion. Drugs are a cheap thrill that lead to nothing but destruction.

Appealing to educated voters, and educating the poorly-informed voters takes work, commitment, morality, and the real patriotism this country was founded on. Seeing this country sold out for a cheap thrill of ego and greed should make every person in North Dakota ashamed of what they have bought into.

The Republican Party needs to go to rehab and take us back to reality.

Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.

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