I am writing to express my opposition to the Fargo Park Board’s decision to cut down 82 old-growth trees in Lindenwood Park in order to build a new road and parking lot. (Yes, it feels like I’m living through the lyrics to a well-known song.)

There are many reasons to dispute this decision. One of those reasons is that the long-term consequences are not being taken into account. We are living on the edge of environmental ruin, and every action we take has to consider this fact. We need to thoroughly keep in mind what we might be leaving behind for our grandkids and great-grandkids. We must not only think about how Lindenwood will look present day but also how it will be a hundred years from now.

Today, as second nature, many people recycle, turn off their lights, and don’t keep the water running in their sink. The protection of healthy trees, especially trees on public lands, needs to be as automatic as these other simple actions. These trees are a key part of our future.

Scott Mathern-Jacobson lives in Fargo.

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