Recently, a reader submitted a letter to the editor proclaiming their frustration with people saying "UK variant" when saying "China virus" has been deemed unacceptable.

The reason for this distinction is simple.

Putting aside the fact that there has been an increase in discrimination, xenophobia, and hostile behavior toward Asian-Americans this past year, we don't call it the China flu because we have a more accurate and concise name for it: COVID-19.

The UK variant does not have a better name yet, so unless you want to start saying "20I/501Y.V1, lineage B.1.1.7", calling it the UK variant is acceptable.

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you are so insistent on calling it the China flu rather than COVID-19. I can't imagine that the one-syllable difference is really that much trouble.

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Abigail Tweed lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.