The Fargo Park Board plans to cut down 82 mature trees in Lindenwood Park to make room for a new road. What are they thinking?

The last time I was there, Lindenwood was a park. You and I get it: things like trees, grass, flowers; maybe even a bug or two. Good stuff. But the plan is to add a concrete road, parking lot and three shelters using $1.5 million in tax dollars.

The existing asphalt road is narrow; bikers, walkers, joggers, kids and cars use it slowly as it winds its way through the park. It works. When it floods, it goes under and remerges smiling. That seems OK as the park is closed then anyway.

If you want a faster road or more parking lots, hop on I 94 or go to the mall, but please don't rip out the trees.

Paul Orth lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

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