This letter is in response to Jim Shaw’s column, “History will not be kind,” published Feb. 20.

I wanted to share my experience with Senator Hoeven’s office on Feb. 12th when the impeachment trial was being held. When I received word that he was not in chambers during the trial I contacted his office by email early that Friday. I told him I was disappointed that he was not taking the trial seriously and hoped that he would consider the testimony of the House managers and not vote along party lines. I received the following auto response from his office at 3:07 pm:

"Thank you for contacting U.S. Senator John Hoeven. The Senator values your input and will make sure your inquiry is directed to the appropriate person to respond. Thank you for taking the time to write us. Office of U.S. Senator John Hoeven"

To this date, I have not received any other response from his office and do not expect one. I agree with Shaw in shaming both senators, and their vote to acquit exposes their true character. I am a fourth generation landowner in North Dakota from Amenia, the home town of former Gov. Bill Guy. I believe that Hoeven, with his apparent lack of respect for our Constitution, does not deserve to be a senator in our state. He is up for re-election in 2022, let us see what happens.

Mark Chaffee lives in Fargo.

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