President Joe Biden addressed the nation Monday, Feb. 22, as the COVID-19 death total in the United States passed 500,000 deaths. Biden said, “This nation will smile again. This nation will know sunny days again. This nation will know joy again. And as we do, we’ll remember each person we’ve lost, the lives they lived, the loved ones they left behind.” He added, “The people we lost were extraordinary."

After delivering his remarks, Biden observed a moment of silence and ordered flags lowered to half staff on all federal property.

It is ironic that this address comes from the man who supports and endorses the deaths of one million unborn children every year in the U.S. The only way our nation will truly smile and know joy again will be the day we stop killing our children. Death is heartbreaking no matter how you look at it - especially when it’s preventable.

Ken Sims lives in Moorhead.

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