The reason I'm writing is that I'd like to respectfully point out the Government and Veterans Affairs Committee that they have neglected to consider the disabled and the elderly in at least one aspect of HB 1253.

As I understand it the bill sets a 30 minute limit on how long it allows a voter to finish filling out a ballot at the polls.

Thirty minutes seems like a long time if your eyesight is perfect, you don't have a phobia of being in a room with lots of other people, you don't have a reading disability, you can walk across a large room quickly, you can hold and use a pencil with ease, and you are not a slower thinker due to age.

I fail to see the benefits of this bill - long lines at the polls should inspire more funding and more hiring, not a limit on the voters - and I very much hope it will ultimately be defeated.

Barbara Dunn lives in Fargo.

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