I am disappointed in your lack of responsiveness and accountability to your constituents. I have contacted both of you and requested that you conduct virtual town hall meetings to allow your constituents to discuss the latest issues of the day. I have not heard back from either of you or your staff members.

I do not feel that a newsletter, press release or twitter post is a substitute for having a conversation with the people of North Dakota. I believe you owe it to each of the residents of this great state to speak with us, not at us. If you are afraid to do so, then you do not deserve to represent us.

Please show the courage to begin virtual town hall meetings until it is safe again to congregate in larger groups and then resume town hall meetings in all areas of the state (Fargo included). We deserve to hear your thoughts on recent issues without having to tune into Sen. Cramer’s latest promotional interview on FOX Business or MSNBC.

I look forward to the notifications from your offices that the town hall meetings will be scheduled in short order.

Margaret Woods lives in Fargo.

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