As someone who grew up in New York and went to college in California I considered myself very lucky to marry a North Dakotan from New Rockford. I have found people from this state to be solidly grounded in good moral values and common sense. In most cases they have elected like minded legislators to their government offices. Clearly this was demonstrated when I recently read the column in The Forum written by former state representative Bette Grande.

Grande called out the “woke” crowd for what it is, a bunch of hypocrites who only demand freedom of speech for their thought and ideas while attempting to cancel everyone else’s. If those in the far left were to actually seize power, as they are attempting to do at this very moment, our democracy and freedoms would be destroyed. We would appear to be what was described in George Orwell’s book "1984" where citizens could be prosecuted for “thought crimes” for any thought outside the approved parameters of the state.

Common sense tells us that what the leftists are trying to sell us is not the type of country we want to live in or leave for our children. While it may be fashionable for many New Yorkers and Californians to buy into this nonsense, it is inspiring to see how people in this state see it for what it is and elect great leaders like Grande who are brave enough to publicly publish what so many fear to express.

Kudos to The Forum, Grande and the people of the great state of North Dakota. God bless you all!

Brett Kingstone is the CEO of Max King Holding Company based in Orlando, Fla.

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