A few years ago Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., voted for a tax cut that added hundreds of thousands of dollars to his fortune and $2 trillion dollars to our national debt. Sen. Kevin Cramer voted for the same tax cut because he wanted to please his master. Their votes accomplished little to nothing for working Americans

Now, after a full year of COVID ravaging the country, Hoeven and Cramer had the opportunity to support a truly game-changing bill to help us deal with this crisis as vaccines roll out. Much to no one's surprise, Cramer and Hoeven voted "no," opposing the overwhelming majority of North Dakotans and Americans who support the legislation.

One of the concerns they outlined in their disturbingly dishonest press releases was the $1.9 trillion cost of this legislation – a cost they had no qualms with when it all went to the richest Americans. But with this bill, the benefits will mainly flow to working families – and that is just a bridge too far for Hoeven and Cramer.

The American recovery from COVID will be in spite of North Dakota’s two senators not as a result of their work.

Brad Berg lives in Bismarck.

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