The misguided folks who make up the Chucklehead Caucus of the North Dakota Legislature are at it again. This time they‘ve written a law that wants to ban transgender athletes from “changing teams.”

Don’t these people have more important issues to confront in our state?

How about increasing benefits for the citizens who’ve lost their jobs and are trying to buy groceries and pay rent?


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How about cranking up Human Services budgets to help the thousands of citizens whose mental/emotional equilibrium has been kicked to the ground by COVID?

I think these public servants(?) are spending way too much time on Tucker Carlson and way too little time at the gym. Young females today are strong and coordinated. Most of them could kick the snot out of any three boys and not break a sweat. I get intimidated working out in the same area.

Never mind that the High School Athletic Association has transgender wording. Never mind that the NCAA has studied this subject thoroughly.

And don’t worry at all about court challenges. North Dakota always has money for righteous legal fees.

Wow, what will you do for an encore? Wait! I’ve got it: Next session, you’ll create a bill that bars gay students from competing because you’re sure they’ll get turned on watching their teammates shower.

(Note to self: stop giving these yokels ideas.)

North Dakota has real and pressing issues involving the economy, infrastructure, human services, energy, you name it. It’s not necessary to spend public time and money to protect the sanctity of the girls basketball team.

This is ammunition in search of a weapon.

Cole Carley, Fargo, is the former president of the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau and a former Forum Readers Board member.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.