Donald J. Trump used voting as his club throughout his four years in office. He talked about the 2016 election having been rigged if he would have lost and spent a great deal of effort questioning the fact he lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes.

His constant questioning of voting has created a huge problem for America because we now have a political party doing everything possible to suppress voting. That political party absolutely feels if there is universal suffrage, they will lose elections.

If even some of the 250 plus new voting restrictions are upheld, we are going back to the age of Jim Crow and making sure that poor and disadvantaged people are further inhibited in their ability to vote. These restrictions are racist, as they specifically target areas where poor and people of color tend to find the most effective way to make their voices heard. This is a national disgrace in a country that prides itself on being a beacon of democracy. Some of these suppression efforts would be totally regarded as undemocratic in any other country but ours.

Three presidents lost the popular vote but still won, which dramatically shows that the electoral college has outlived its usefulness. If redistricting by a dominant political power could be eliminated, it would not only be a huge asset at the state level, but also a benefit to Democrats and Republicans. It is no wonder citizens of this country feel that we live in a rigged society if they feel that their vote no longer counts or are not able to vote.

Norton Lovold lives in Bismarck.

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