Over the past several years, Sens. Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven acted like they were supportive of the Butch Lewis Act - a bill that would protect hard-earned pensions of retired workers across North Dakota and the U.S. from threats of massive cuts.

But when language similar to the Butch Lewis Act was rolled into the American Rescue Plan, Cramer and Hoeven showed their true colors and voted no - going back on their word to thousands of us in North Dakota alone.

It is hard to describe how we retirees feel after having been used as photo ops by Cramer and Hoeven over the past seven years. We expect more from our elected officials in our state.

Cramer and Hoeven will be forever defined as having put party politics over the people they represent. I guess all we can really do is let North Dakotans know of how they take advantage of people in order to stay in power and hope that we never need them to protect Social Security.

Al Thomas lives in Bismarck.

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