The NDGOP is close to eliminating LGBTQ+ Americans from the state after years of persistent anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and votes. The beatniks had it easy.

Only 1.7% of North Dakotans citizens were counted as LGBTQ+ in 2013 — no other state came close — so we have already been leading the league for a while now.

Plus, the Gallup poll has a margin for error of ±3, so the Republican campaign might be even more successful than the ruling party thought. Yay, right?

Nope. The supermajority thinks they can do better. Some of the 98.3% think it’s worth the time to put their foot down — exclusively on the neck of transgender girls under the age of 18 — just to make sure the world knows where North Dakota stands. On necks.

All because the NDGOP found out that 0.3% of residents are transgender and some microscopic fraction of that teeny fraction are teenage transgender girls that might ruin ND girls athletics.

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I can’t believe girl’s high school sports haven’t already collapsed considering the evidence presented by Republican lawmakers for HB 1298. They claim 16 to 17-year-old boys are impervious to a year of mandated feminizing hormone treatments. You can’t get any more male than that.

Add a brain that leans towards thinking like a mature teen “girl” — according to the science — to the body of an impulsive “boy” with a powerful physique and a transgender girl would be unstoppable.

North Dakota has dodged the bullet so far, but how long can social conservative luck hold after transgender girls figure out that the Legislature has determined the athletically superior gender and it turns out to be transgender girls.

Expect the “You Shouldn’t Even Horse Around With a Transgender Girl” legislation coming next legislative session.

Ron Schalow lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.