The Biden Harris administration will require us to carry a government issued card confirming we have been vaccinated against COVID-19 according to a recent letter writer. President Biden is not going to require us to carry a government issued ID card. His administration is working with companies and nonprofits to determine standards.

Some foreign governments are requiring proof of vaccination and companies may require proof of being vaccinated against COVID before employees can return to the office. My employer is one that is going to start moving people slowly back to the office, requiring that those returning have been fully vaccinated. The Biden administration is simply setting standards so that the vaccination “passport” is done in an orderly manner. There will be no federal database of who has been vaccinated and Bill Gates isn’t microchipping us.

I’m not surprised that yet another likely Republican doesn’t have the facts correct since the GOP is becoming the party of Q conspiracy theories and Russian misinformation.


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I am appalled that The Forum would choose to publish his letter using a derogatory term for those of Asian descent. We have seen multiple acts of violence against people of Asian descent. The level of violence and the number of attacks seems to be escalating and using racist language only serves to give cover to the bigots. Publishing a letter from an apparently bigoted individual is irresponsible. What’s next-publishing a letter from someone referring to the Derek Chauvin trial as the trial of that “p##” who killed that “n word.”

Shame on you, Forum. You owe your readers of Asian descent an apology.

Colleen Whalen lives in Fargo.