Thank you Dean Wieland for your letter scolding The Forum for glamourising Jane Fonda and her recent activities regarding the pipeline. I couldn’t agree with you more.

The Vietnam War slaughtered my friends, family, classmates and neighbors, as it did for everyone across our country. My peaceful protesting of that war wasn’t against the young soldiers there, it was against the corrupt and empty headed officials in charge at the time who “put” my friends, family, classmates and neighbors over there losing their lives or coming back home with broken lives.

I heard the cruel stories of mistreatment of our soldiers upon their arrival back home by heartless members of their own generation. These tragic stories often were told to me face to face. I am ashamed of those of my own generation treating other members of our generation in this unforgivable way. I continue to be haunted by it all and join many who feel the same way and grieve with me. If saying “we are sorry” could heal the wounds we would chant it.

Mr. Wieland, your second to your last paragraph summed it all up and hopefully was cut out and posted on bulletin boards, taped up on other boards and reminded all of us that while some burned their draft cards, others burned their uniforms.

Charlotte Franks-Erickson lives in Sheyenne, N.D.

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