I proudly do my civic duty, each election checking off all the names with an “R.” I attend my local ND GOP meetings. I pay my membership dues. I offer to help.

The 2020 naming convention meeting was a clown show of law breaking and district bylaw violations. Corruption on display. Right there, with a smile on, available for everyone to see.

I watched two, who had never before participated, stand up and speak identical statements. “I am a farmer. I will listen twice and speak once. I’m a hard worker. I have lived here my whole life.” The end.

I watched the district chair rudely and out-of-order interrupt the incumbent and treat many like trash after calling them friends for years.

I watched the district treasurer, a nice old man, smile while informing people that they were not welcome. Yet, despite the fact that he may be the richest man in the county, he’s happy to take their money. The GOP coffers are low!

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Visiting ND GOP officials also watched. None objected to the slapdash, roughshod treatment of our neighbor and the law.

Our new representatives dish derogatory remarks to the people they represent. Even calling one person a bigot and after being contacted by a wife, pointedly replying to the ‘more reasonable’ husband. Mostly, however, we constituents get no response at all.

2021 is now here and nothing has changed. The district is still lying and breaking the law.

Talking to my neighbors, I’ve found my experience with the ND GOP to be extremely standard. North Dakota communities are wonderfully interconnected. Farming communities rely on each other. However, rather than a community, the local GOP resembles organized crime.

Which we cannot support.

Tricia Knutson lives in Hillsboro, N.D.

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